The Marianum Hall of the Archbishop’s Office

According to the written sources, “Marianum” had been the first brick theatre in the Kingdom of Hungary. It was founded by the Esztergom archbishop, George Szelepcsényi in 1667. “Marianum” had been used for various purposes, ranging from a place for the Slavic and Romanian library, to the seat of Trnava University in the 19th century, to a seminary or army gymnasium in the 1950s. Despite all of this, the cultural importance of this building and the “Marianum” hall itself is significant as it hosted countless numbers of performances and concerts, as well as the premiers of composers such as Mikuláš Schneider-Trnavský and Zoltán Kodály.

Since 1991 “Marianum” belongs again to the Trnava Archbishopric, who reconstructed the whole building in 2007. The Historic Landmark Prize of 2007 and 2012 acknowledged the great value of this historic venue. Moreover, since 2012 with the arrival of a Bösendorfer concert grand piano, visitors can enjoy music on an even higher level.