Basilica of St. Nicholas

The oldest church in Trnava dates back to 11th century when its predecessor, a little Roman style church, was built on the crossroads of trade routes. The church was declared a Basilica Minor by Pope Benedict XVI in 2008 but before that it became famous thanks to the painting of the Virgin Mary of Trnava which had reportedly shed tears of blood.

Apart from the history of the basilica, the objects inside of it have very interesting histories as well. For sure we must mention the two unique organs that always fill the church with gorgeous music. One of them, the positive organ, was built by the local organ-builder Valentin Arnold in 1783 and is the oldest preserved organ in Trnava. If you want to have a closer look, the organ can be found in the main nave of the church. After many years of neglect, it was restored and then awarded by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic the prize Fenix: a historic landmark of 2012. 

The main organ of the basilica situated in the choir loft was also built by Valentin Arnold. In 1912, the company Gebrüder Rieger decided to use what remained of it and thus built a 3 manual, pneumatic organ with 45 registers, retaining the organ case. This organ with  a Romantic sound character, has also been preserved in its original state. During the Trnava Organ Days festival, many world-renowned artists like Olivier Latry  (the organist of  Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris) played on both of these precious organs and appreciated their qualities.