About the festival

The international festival of classical music, “Trnava Music Spring”, is celebrating its  52nd anniversary and continuing the tradition of classical music in the historically, first free royal town in Slovakia. Every year the Trnava City Council together with The Bach Society in Slovakia brings to its visitors a varied selection of genres, presented by top Slovak as well as renowned foreign artists. 

Every visitor finds  his thing in this festival. How does this happen? It is thanks to the fact that the festival programme is composed of symphonic music, concerts of unique musical instruments, piano recitals and vocal performances. Moreover, the beautiful classical music in combination with the magnificent venues of Trnava’s churches, the “Marianum” historical hall, the captivating Synagogue – the Contemporary Art Centre, or even the Theatre of Ján Palárik, create unforgettable experiences.

As the motto says, joy and relation to music need to be cultivated. That is the aim of the new format of Trnava Music Spring. It will concentrate all the concerts, workshops, seminars and additional activities focusing on community-creation into two great weeks. This way the festival ensures that not only regular visitors but also the younger generation can enjoy more music and look at it from a totally different angle. 

Come and enjoy Trnava covered in the sounds of charming music!